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DEAR READER: To master ECG interpretation clearly requires seeing the tracing you are analyzing — but important ECG concepts are sometimes best conveyed by a brief Audio message. This is the purpose of me adding this new feature to my ECG Blog posts — in which I'll be adding brief commentary on various PEARLS to facilitate understanding. I will also periodically add selected ECG Video Pearls.
  • For easy reference — I'll maintain a list of my Audio & Video Pearls below
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ECG AUDIO PEARLS (This series started on 1/10/2021):
  • Audio Pearl #1 (3:35 minutes— Regarding deWinter-like T waves (1/10/2021) See ECG Blog #183

  • Audio Pearl #2 (2:40 minutes— The "magical" mirror-image opposite relationship with acute ischemia between lead III and lead aVL (1/15/2021)See ECG Blog #184

  • Audio Pearl #3 (3:40 minutes— The Ps, Qs & 3R Approach to Rhythm Interpretation (1/18/2021)See ECG Blog #185

  • Audio Pearl #4 (5:20 minutes— The AV Blocks & WHEN to Suspect Mobitz I (1/21/2021)See ECG Blog #186

  • ECG Video Pearl #1 = ECG Blog #188 — WHAT to Know about Laddergrams? — even if you are not an advanced interpreter. Brief review of essential laddergram elements appear in this ECG Video, with written summary and links to over 20 cases with detailed explained laddergrams. (NOTE: The video refers to a laddergram I discussed in ECG Blog #186).

  • Audio Pearl #5 — Distinguishing between AV Dissociation vs Complete AV Block (1/29/2021) — See ECG Blog #189 — (NOTE: This post also refers to ECG Blog #186-LINK).

  • Audio Pearl #7 — When to Suspect RV MI on a Standard 12-Lead ECG — See ECG Blog #XXX — this post refers to ECG Blog #187 ...

  • Audio Pearl #8 — XXXX
  • Audio Pearl #9 — XXXX
FUTURE Audio Pearls that I PLAN to DO:

  • AV Dissociation: How to distinguish from 3rd-Degree AV Block?
  • The WCT (Wide-Complex Tachycardia): VT vs SVT with Aberration
  • The Every-Other-Beat Method: Fast & Accurate Rate Estimation
  • Systematic ECG Interpretation: How NOT to Miss KEY Findings!
  • Bundle Branch Blocks & IVCD: How to Diagnose in Seconds!
  • XXX
  • XXX
  • XXX


I hope my ECG Audio PEARLS are helpful to you. 
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